Water hiking on the Saale

The 413 km long Saale rises as a trickle in the Franconian Fichtelgebirge mountains before swelling into a stately river in the Thuringian Forest. As a classic waterway, the Saale runs through Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt to its mouth on the Elbe. The diverse, pristine and almost untouched Thuringian river landscape between Mediterranean-looking shell limestone rocks offers ideal conditions for extended canoe tours. Kahla is a destination and starting point for short stages or longer tours.

As For your water hiking tour on the river Saale you can get information about tours and equipment from the following canoe providers.

Water hiking in Saale-Unstrut

The Saale is sometimes impetuous and wild. In contrast, the Unstrut offers a leisurely glide in a canoe and the experience of a lock passage. Thanks to the good public transport connections and the service of the boat rental companies, you can easily get back to your starting point.