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The Weighfest in Kahla has been a purely male affair for over 150 years. Real pounders compete for the title of heavyweight of the year.

Every year - with the exception of the war years - there is the traditional weighing festival in Kahla. On January 29, 1864, the High Weighing Festival Commission was founded and has organized the festivities ever since. In the hall of the Rose Garden, the gentlemen meet for a cozy get-together with knuckle of pork and beer and, of course, for the subsequent weighing. Everyone has to step on the scales, and the results are meticulously recorded and archived. Cheating does not count! Because here every kilo counts. The proceeds of the "weighing fee" are donated to associations.

And where does this tradition come from? As is so often the case, from a crazy idea: On New Year's Eve 1864, merchants got together. They ate, drank and talked about the past Christmas. They bragged about who had gained the most weight over the holidays and got into an argument about it. Only with a scale could the winner be determined. And so it has remained to this day at the oldest festival in Kahla.