Market Fountain Festival

Attention: Wet!

Even the little ones from the kindergarten don't miss out on the fun: everyone wants to be the winner in the water run! The water run for children and adults is an integral part of the Market Fountain Festival.

Every year around October 3, the market square around the fountain is transformed into the venue for the exuberant town festival. On the stage in the afternoon there is a program for the whole family, designed by the kindergartens of the city and the clubs. In the evening there is dancing with bands from the region. And the next day, endurance, skill and team spirit are in demand. The teams consist of water scoopers and water carriers. The water scoopers have to fill the water into the containers of the water carriers. They run with the filled containers on their backs across the marketplace, up a flight of stairs and empty their containers before returning for the next filling. Whoever has transported the most water after a fixed number of distances wins. The spectacle is crowned by the sometimes imaginative disguises of the teams. What a whoop when the water scoop misses the container and gives the water carrier a shower!